Are You On The List?

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Bello has adored Jacmel 3 years ago, and now divides her time among Los Angeles and Haiti. She lately finished filming the pilot for an U.S. edition of the hit British detective series Prime Suspect, due out on NBC in the fall, as well as a movie, Stunning Boy, with Michael Sheen, to be released in June.

When you recognize that Haiti is only one particular-and-a-half hours [by plane] off our shores, it tends to make you want to do anything about it, she says.


A nightclub promoter and a software expert might not be the most likely combination, but Michael Caponni and Gideon Kimbrell have proven that such a friendship can be extremely productive. With their app InList, they’ve sought to revolutionize the nightclub business in the same manner that Uber has revolutionized transportation. InList members sign up for the app knowing that they’re going to get the best nightlife recommendations for whatever hot city they happen to have landed in at the moment. Also read about Miami Beach nightlife mogul passed out before boat crash here.

With a vast array of cities available—and Capponi’s constant finger on the pulse of what clubs are trending worldwide—InList enthusiasts can make reservations through the app. Since Capponi’s mindset is exclusive—he believes that there are only two clubs or so that are “happening” enough for this taste on a given night—the options are limited but extraordinary well-chosen. When InList members do make their way to the club, they’ll find an A-list atmosphere.

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